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ANNEXURE – I NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK PUBLIC LIBRARIES-COMPETITIONS ``READING MAKETH A FULL MAN``: FRANCIS BACON ``ONE GOOD BOOK IS GREATER THAN HUNDRED GOOD FRIENDS`` :MAHATMA GANDHI Department of Public Libraries, Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh has decided to conduct various activities to promote reading habit among the younger generations . Public Libraries have to make relationship with schools and colleges in their catchment area. As a part of this programme students have to visit the library and spend some time in the library. Libraries have to provide opportunity to the students to select a book whichever they like, read the book at their home and return to the library in their next visit. After that Schools and colleges have to conduct different activities like Elocution, Essay Writing, Story telling, Mono actions, Skits, Playlets, Drama etc., as given in the schedule. Tentative Action Plan School Level competitions should be conducted at three levels; 1. Sub junior (classes 4th and 5th) 2. Junior (classes 6th and 7th) 3. Senior (classes 8th , 9th and 10th) • Competitions should be conducted on two days i.e., on First Thursday &Third Thursday in every month in the last two periods. If any examination schedule co-occur then the competitions should be conducted on the following Thursday. • The teacher in charge for library activities along with language teachers should be the in-charge of the programme. • The allocation of duties to the teachers should be in rotation basis so as to involve all the teachers in the school. NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK COMPETITIONS The Director, DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC LIBRARIES intended to conduct competitions to the Teachers and Students of all the schools in the state at various levels as shown in the following table. COMPETITIONS SCHEDULE for Students School level Mandal level District level 06-10-2017 13-10-2017 27-10-2017 • On 11-11-2017and 12-11-2017 State level competitions should be conducted. COMPETITIONS SCHEDULE for Teachers The Schedule of State Level Competitions for the Teachers will be intimated later. • At the valedictory function of National Library week Celebrations – 2017 all the state level winners will be invited and awarded by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Minister, HRD on .... -11-2017.

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దేశభాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స అన్న నానుడికి అనుగుణంగా మన విద్యార్థుల భాషాపరిజ్ఞానాన్నిపెంపొందించడానికి,వారికి అవసరమైన సమాచారాన్నిఅందించి వారి పురోభివృద్ధికి కృషిచేద్దాము.


हमारी राज भाषा हिंन्दी है। संस्कृत भाषा इसी लिपि मे लिखी जाती है। भारत मे ज्यादातर लोग बोलने और समझने वालि भाषा हिंन्दी ही है। इस से मालुम होता है कि हिंदी भाषा कितना महत्व पूर्ण है।


English plays an important role in our everyday life. There is great utility of English in modern world. So, the use of English should be continued along with our language.


Mathemtics matters and it is important to produce young people who are good at mathematics, it has become increasingly urgent that we address the problems with mathematics education,

Physical Sciences

Students and their understanding of the two core ideas in the physical sciences namely chemistry and physics, but are intended to leave room for expanded study in upper-level courses.

Biological Sciences

Biology is important let us allows our students to understand the diversity of life forms and their conservation and exploitation. Through various biological disciplines.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences carry a normative responsibility to create and widen the popular base of human values, namely freedom, trust, mutual respect, and respect for diversity

Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy is the development of fundamental movement skills all children need, such as throwing, jumping, running, catching, kicking and wheeling.


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